IoT Frenzy

Today everyone is talking about the internet of things, or IoT.

Did you already venture into an electronics store and purchase a Raspberry Pi , an Arduino, a couple of light, motion and temperature sensors and a bunch of little cables? (Did you know that in under 3 years the Raspberry Pi manufacturer has gone from zero to being the biggest selling UK computer manufacturer ever? The company itself couldn’t predict that these small boards will generate such excitement =) Is there a LED light on your desk that turns on every time the temperature in the room is above 75, or a little motor that starts working every time the lights are on?

I know I had to get my hands dirty!

Here is the incredibly exciting output of my Arduino Uno experiment:
IoT sensor output
Judging by the graph, my little Arduino needs some love and warms =)

Big thanks to Microsoft for this open source repository, Connect the Dots, that gives you most of the code needed to get this up and running, and a step-by-step guide on how to set things up.

This little experiment takes advantage of one of the most powerful offers of Azure platform – the Service Bus, and in particular, Event Hubs. Generally speaking, Service Bus allows you to connect a service to its consumer, leaving the consumer agnostic to the location and the details of implementation of the service. Event Hubs, in particular, provide a scalable event ingestor service that can process millions of events per second. The service allows you to process and analyze the massive amounts of data produced by your connected devices or applications, and is ideal for the IoT scenario in which you typically have many small devices transmitting large amounts of telemetry from multiple locations.

Next on ToDo list – plug the data into Machine Learning to acquire valuable insights!