How to Configure User Access to Azure Resources

One of the great features of the “new” Azure Portal is granular user access. You can provide role-based access to entire subscriptions, resource groups or even specific resources. RBAC allows you to ensure that every employee in your organization has the appropriate level of access to the appropriate resources.

How do you set this up?
Here is a step-by-step walk through with pictures:

Add access to entire subscription

1. Sign in to the new portal
2. Click Browse All => Subscriptions
3. Choose the subscription you need
4. Click Users


5. In Users pane click Add
6. Click Select a Role
7. Choose the appropriate role
8. Click OK in the Add access pane


9. In the Add Access pane click Add Users
10. Insert a valid Microsoft Account (former Live ID) email or choose from the list of users you have already added


Add access to a resource group

1. Sign in to the new portal
2. Click Browse All => Resource Groups
3. Select the resource group you need
4. Click All Settings
5. In Settings pane click Users
6. Follow steps 6-10 from paragraph 1


Add access to a specific resource

1. Sign in to the new portal
2. Browse to the specific resource you need
3. Click All Settings
4. In Settings pane scroll down and click Users
5. Follow steps 6-10 from paragraph 1


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